Praise for the world premiere of Kevin Artigue's SHEEPDOG

I’m so proud of this production, and it’s nice to know that this important story is resonating with audience and critics alike. Here’s a bit of what they’re saying:

”Under the sure guiding hand of director Leah C. Gardiner, the performers establish compelling scenarios on a virtually blank stage."
- Los Angeles Times

"Artigue’s writing and director Leah C. Gardiner’s brisk pacing interweave, through language and staging devices, backstory and foreshadowing that successfully unspool the story clearly while simultaneously building what’s-next tensions."
- Orange County Register

"Director Leah C. Gardiner choreographs a complicated, but very intriguing narrative [...] carefully peeling off layers of nuance and pointed details that shape how each character reveals traits that dictate their mindset and behaviors..." -

Leah C. Gardiner